The Authentic French Toast Recipe

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The Authentic French Toast Recipe


- 8 slices of stale bread

- 2 eggs

- 20 cl milk

- 20 g sugar

- 1 tsp orange flower water

- 80 g butter

- caster sugar


1. Crack the eggs into the bowl then add milk, orange flower water and sugar. Mix well the ingredients.

2. Slice the bread and soak the slices in the obtained mix. Heat the pan and add the butter to melt. Fry the coated slices in the butter until golden brown on both sides.

3. Serve hot French toasts with some caster sugar.

Enjoy Authentic French Toasts!

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About french toasts 

French toast is one of the most famous meals of french cuisine and an essential part of a classic french breakfast. Today you can find more than 1000 different recipes of french toast and what is more - there are a lot of variations and secrets on how to make really good french toast. Don't be afraid to do experiments and maybe your recipe will be the best!

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